Twenty-first-century students deserve a 21st-century education. That means an education that connects students to the world, not one that separates them from it. That means a classroom that teaches students to discover their personal passions, not one that teaches to the test. At Summers-Knoll we know that a great school succeeds by putting kids first.

Enjoy a virtual tour of Summers-Knoll School to find out why children thrive at SK.

Why should you choose Summers-Knoll?
We’re glad you asked.

Because we know your kids.
At S-K our classes are intentionally small, and our 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio ensures that our kids are known well by the adults in the building.

Because we know how kids learn.
Using S-K’s unique mix of project-based, place-based, and theme-based learning, SK kids learn to harness their passions and solve real-world problems. Learn more about the SK curriculum here.

Because we know kids are people, too.
For SK instructors, school doesn’t stop at the front door. Our commitment to taking school into the world and bringing the world into classroom allows students to creatively think through challenges in ethics as well as engineering and to see the connection between personal nutrition and global sustainability.

Because we know what makes kids achieve. With small class sizes, rigorous academics, and a powerful core curriculum, SK classes are flexible enough to reach every student and to empower those students with the mental flexibility to excel academically.

We know that Summers-Knoll is a transformative place for students, and we know that you will, too. Call now to set up an appointment or schedule a tour.

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