Feels Like A Family

Summers-Knoll School truly feels like a family. At SK, teachers celebrate strengths in their students and build on those strengths, allowing children to grow as their true selves rather than conform to a predetermined standard.

Authentic learning

The small class sizes and multi-age/looping structure allow teachers to really know their students and devote the time needed to individualize instruction. The project-based learning at SK both engages and challenges the children. This authentic learning, whether it be a trip out in the local community, building a rain garden, etc. are part of what makes SK students and staff thrive and stay connected.

Progressive education at its best

Professionally, the teachers I have come to know are constantly pushing themselves to improve their practice and try new things and in doing so, they instill this same value in their students. To me, this is progressive education at its best. Summers-Knoll clearly recognizes the importance of the visual and musical arts, foreign language learning and physical education, as well as the value of outdoor play.

A unique and exceptional community

The extended learning (after school) program is stellar and has allowed our children to learn everything from archery to basketball to capoeira, while still in the safe and familiar environment within their school building. SK is an extraordinary school and we feel so grateful to be part of such a unique and exceptional community.

Encourage to explore

As someone who struggled to figure out what my professional calling was until later in life, I love that at SK from early on the kids are taught that who they are and what they like to do is worthwhile and special. They are encouraged to explore themselves and pursue the things that inspire and capture them. It is magical and something I think most of us would have loved to have had when we were kids. I know I would have.