Summers-Knoll Elementary School

Piloted by a team of committed, engaged, and highly experienced teachers, the classrooms at Summers-Knoll Elementary School are nests of engaged learning. From city council civics lessons to physics labs filled with student-constructed race cars to nutrition classes held outside in the garden, Summers-Knoll teachers put students in touch with the real world, connecting them to diverse realms of knowledge so they can unlock their interests and passions.

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Community Action: Environmental Science

Students in one 3rd/4th grade class have been participating in the Ypsi-Arbor Student Forest Project, and environmental science program that focuses on a bioregional approach to community action and engagement. The project is done in collaboration with the We Are the Forest nonprofit.

The project includes studying tree species, ecosystem relationships, local history, and green spaces. Students document their research through interactive stories which they share with the class. They also complete two green infrastructure projects, with the goal of ameliorating runoff, improving air and water quality, and providing energy savings for local users.