Summers-Knoll Summer Camps Update

At this time, we have placed our current summer camp sign-ups on hold until further notice, due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). We have determined that it is unlikely we will be able to run them as we’ve done in the past. We are actively considering new possibilities for camps, but we are waiting for guidance from local and state agencies. Check back here regularly for updates.

If you have already signed up for a camp, you have a couple of choices.

  1. You may stay signed up for now and when we know what camps we are able to run, you will be given the opportunity to sign up before we open them up again to the public. In the event that we have more campers than slots (we anticipate the new camps will be much smaller to meet safety guidelines), we will use a lottery system to select who gets into the camps.

    If, when we post the new camps, you decide you are not interested in the camps offered, or if we have a lottery and you do not win a slot in the lottery, we will refund you fully at that time.

  2. You may request a refund now. We will refund your money and you will hear about our new round of camps with the rest of the public.

We anticipate that slots in summer camps will be far fewer due to the anticipated restrictions of keeping groups small and, if you unenroll now, we cannot guarantee a slot.

Please contact Head of School, Walter Landberg at if you have any questions about summer programming or to request a refund.


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