The premier project-based education in Ann Arbor

At Summers-Knoll, we know what learners need to succeed.


Our students are positioned to address the personal and professional challenges that life throws at them. We stretch our students to go beyond their intended goals, thereby learning their potential is boundless.


Our students explore the world by embracing human diversity. We seek out varied points of view and learn from those whose lived experiences are different from our own. As the world gets smaller, our students’ perspectives broaden.


At the heart of Project-Based Learning is critical analysis. Our students’ learning is multidisciplinary. Multifaceted learning opportunities require our students to adapt, edit, and thoughtfully assess every aspect of the process. Our teachers both support and challenge students as they seek answers and form new ideas.

Agile  Communicators

Learning the mechanics of oral and written communication is important but it has nothing to do with applying these skills. Our students addressed legislators at the State Capitol to share their original proposals for the Michigan Student Caucus party platform and helped to rewrite Ann Arbor City Council’s chicken ordinance to allow the school to raise its own flock.


We nurture our students’ leadership development, allowing them to apply these skills in creative and innovative ways. As such, they see themselves as agents of change in the world who can create new opportunities where none existed before.

Summer Camp Registration Open

SK will offer seven weeks of summer programming available for ages 3-11 years.


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2023 Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Summer programming for ages 3-11 years old